“I visited an orthopedic doctor for pain in my right shoulder and in the upper back, between the spine and shoulder blade. After various tests he recommended I go for physio therapy.

I ended up going for session with different therapists depending on who’s available at various times but usually stuck to 1 or 2 therapists as I found that it would be most effective to work with someone who you see regularly. I was recommended to go for a session every 2-3 days for it to be effective.

After about 10 session, the therapy was on going but did not significantly improve my condition which was also effecting my quality of life. I mentioned this to the doctor and he then advised I try different therapists.

I landed an appointment with Eman, who usually was booked out for a month to a month and a half. I assume someone cancelled last minute and that particular time slot fit in with my work schedule too.

The session with Eman was the last session prior to a 2 week business trip.

I walked in and briefly explained my issues to Eman who was already aware of the issues. She was the first therapist who used a different technique which was not just attaching an ultrasound machine for heat therapy or the muscle pulsation machine. Rather she was more hands on with her techniques. We finished up with a few exercises and right before I was leaving she had given me a heads up on what to expect the new couple of days.

After being sore for about 3-4 days to my surprise I felt a lot better. I kept on doing the recommended exercises for the next 2 weeks while on my trip. What I also found super helpful was Eman actually took the time out to send me an email with the various exercises. Prior to, no therapist ever sent a follow up email and half of the time I would forget the exercises I had to do and didn’t do them.

Upon my return I was only looking to book sessions with Eman because that one session has more of a positive impact on me then all the prior sessions combined.

After about 12-15 session I noticed my posture improved and the pain was completely gone.

I have seen numerous therapists in the past but highly recommend Eman because her therapy techniques are different and more hands on. Her style of therapy has been the most effective and I do visit her regularly for posture issues. My job requires me to be sitting on the desk and infront of a screen alot. So I will definitely need to see a therapist time to time and Eman is my go to therapist. I highly recommend her to anyone!”

Javed Syed